Before Class

Proper ballet etiquette begins with arriving at the studio 5 - 10 minutes early in order to change into ballet shoes and be ready when the teacher begins class. It is not only distracting to those dancers who were on time to have late arrivals, but it is also dangerous to miss the first exercises of class as these are designed to warm dancers up and help prevent injury by preparing them for the more strenuous exercises to come. If a dancer is late for class, they should sit or stand quietly just inside the door of the classroom until the teacher invites them to join the next exercise, or gives them other instructions.

Dress Code

It is important for dancers to follow a dress code. Dress codes are put in place to help teachers focus on all students equally and, more importantly, to allow teachers to see and correct any improper placement which, if left uncorrected, could lead to serious and lasting injury.

Please remember that the hallways and parking lots are public spaces. For the safety of our dancers we request that dancers please bring additional clothing (shrug, sweatshirt, pants, etc.) to cover up on their way into and out of classes. If a dancer is not dressed appropriately for class, they may be asked to observe class instead of participating. Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the dance floor and therefore dance shoes should not be worn outdoors. Dancers should also not apply any lotions or body powders right before class. Both of these rules are for the dancers' safety as they prevent oil (which causes dangerously slippery spots) from being deposited on the dance floor.

During Class

There will be no talking allowed in class. It is extremely distracting for the other students and disrespectful to the teacher, and will not be tolerated. If a student has a question or does not understand something, he/she is expected to raise his/her hand and wait until the teacher calls on him/her. Dancers should not raise their hand while the music is playing or an exercise is in progress. If a dancer disrupts class by talking out of turn, he/she may be asked to sit out for part or the remainder of class. If the dancer continues to be disruptive while sitting out, he/she will be asked to leave the classroom and will not be permitted to return for the remainder of class.


Dancers may bring water to class if it is in a container that will not spill. All other food and drink is not allowed in the facility. Gum and hard candy (including cough drops) are a choking hazard for dancers of any age and are strictly prohibited in all classes.

End of Class

Class will finish with a révérence. This is a cool down exercise which also serves as a polite way for the dancers and teacher to thank each other for class. The exercise finishes with a curtsy (or bow for male dancers) -- the classic acknowledgement of another's service or effort -- followed by applause for one another.


Dancers enrolled in technique classes are expected to attend class regularly. Good attendance plays a large role in learning all the curriculum in a level and helping dancers progress. If a dancer misses three consecutive classes without giving prior notice, we will assume he/she has dropped the class. He/she will need to re-register and re-pay the registration fee if he/she wishes to rejoin the class and the class has not been closed. If a dancer must miss a class, they may take a make-up class within two weeks of the date of the missed class. For the dancer's safety, make-up classes must be taken in an equal or lower level class. Make-up classes do not carry over into the following session.


Orderly conduct is expected of the dancers and their family and friends in the common areas of the facility. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb any classes in session. Disrespectful, crude or demeaning language, conversation or behavior will not be tolerated at Vineyard Ballet Academy or any Vineyard Ballet Academy event. Children should never be left unattended in the common areas of the facility. Please avoid loitering in the parking lot areas.

Lost and Found

Items left behind after class will be held for one month, after which they will be donated/discarded.