Class Schedule

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Technique Classes

Technique classes are designed to train students in classical ballet technique as well as artistry and poise. Students enrolled in technique classes have the option of participating in the recital at the end of each Fall and Spring session.

Drop-In Classes

Drop-In classes are an alternate option to technique classes for adult dancers or teen-aged dancers who do not wish to participate in recitals. They are also a good supplement for dancers enrolled in technique classes.

Private Lessons

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Vineyard Ballet Academy also offers private and group lessons. These are intended to provide opportunity for dedicated dancers to benefit from individual attention. Dancers coming to ballet at an older age also will find private lessons helpful in providing a basic foundation before joining regular classes.

Placement Class

Vineyard Ballet Academy attempts to insure that each dancer is placed in a level suited to their ability where they can receive appropriate instruction and the greatest benefit from each session. In order to achieve this goal, we require new students ages 6 and up to take a free placement class. This allows us to assess their ability and retention of previous training. Our placement classes are not intended to be stressful and are not auditions, as every dancer is guaranteed acceptance into our program.