Placement Class

General Information

The placement class is structured similarly to an audition. Dancers should arrive 10 minutes early to prepare for class. Female dancers should wear a dark, solid-colored ballet leotard and pink tights only, have their hair in a bun, as well as bring their pink ballet shoes and pointe shoes (if they are en pointe). Male dancers should wear a solid-colored non-baggy shirt, black shorts that end above the knee or black leggings, white socks and white ballet shoes. This is not a strict dress code as it would be for an audition, but please do your best so the directors can see your dancing to the best advantage. If you do not own a leotard or ballet shoes, just wear exercise clothes that are easy to move in and socks or bare feet.

The Class

Dancers will be given exercises that range from very simple to challenging. Some of the exercises will be too difficult for the dancers. Dancers should be aware that this is purposely done and should not feel frustrated or discouraged but should simply do their best. Dancers are highly encouraged to raise their hand if they do not understand an instruction. Again, this is not an audition, as everyone is guaranteed acceptance, but only an evaluation to find the level that is best suited for each dancer. Dancers will be placed solely by ability regardless of age, and placement is entirely up to the directors' discretion.

Signing Up

There is no fee for the placement class. Email us at to set up a time for an individual assessment. Please include each dancer's first and last name and current age. Dancers planning to register only for drop-in classes and/or private lessons do not need to take the placement class but are welcome to attend for the experience.


We will be sending individual results by email within one week after the placement class. The email will let you know which level your dancer has been placed in. You will then be able to register for any classes in that level. We look forward to having your dancer join us for a placement class.